Ship engineers are technical job positions aboard a ship that require an engineering college degree and involve supervising and overseeing the activity of a crew of technicians. Ship engineers may be involved in coordinating the activity in virtually any technical department aboard a commercial, research and even military ship. The operation of engines, pumps, propeller shafts, electronic equipment, auxiliary equipment such as refrigerators and communication equipment is supervised, coordinated and adjusted by ship engineers, who usually have a crew of technicians in subordination. In today's fast paced world, maritime, riverine and other methods of water transport is done by commercial vessels that need to be technically maintained, repaired and monitored for proper operation. This job requires a deep understanding of technical processes, interaction between various parts of a ship's equipment, but also communication with the ship's crew and its captain.

Ship engineering is a difficult yet challenging occupation due to the complexity of the task and the need to make quick decisions during sea operation, when replacement parts, new equipment and technical service may become scarce or unavailable. Ship engineers have the task to ensure that the vessel is running smoothly from a technical point of view until it reaches a port where it can undergo repairs and maintenance. Ship engineering is about being detail oriented, having excellent communication skills, and making quick decisions amidst scarce resources and uncertainty.

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