What does a Multimedia Animator do?

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What is a Multimedia Animator?

Also known as: Multimedia Artist

Multimedia artists and animators create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media. They create two- and three-dimensional models and animation. Although most multimedia artists are self-employed, some work directly for the motion picture and video industry. They often work long hours, especially when deadlines are approaching.

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What does a Multimedia Animator do?

Multimedia artists and animators typically do the following:

  • Create graphics and animation using computer programs and illustration
  • Work with a team of animators and artists to create a movie, game, or visual effect
  • Research upcoming projects to help create a realistic design or animation
  • Develop storyboards that map out key scenes in the animation
  • Edit animation and effects based on feedback from directors, head animators, game designers, or clients
  • Meet with clients, head animators, games designers, and directors to review deadlines and development timelines.

Multimedia artists and animators often work in a specific medium. Some focus on creating animated movies or video games. Others create visual effects for movies and television shows. Visual effects, also called computer-generated images or CGI, include creating animation from images of actors performing or designing scenery or backgrounds for locations. Artists and animators can further specialize within these fields. Within animated movies and video games, artists often specialize in characters or scenery and background design. Video game artists may focus on ‘level design’: creating the look, feel, and layout for the levels of a video game.

Usually, animators work in teams to develop a movie, visual effect, or electronic game. Each animator works on a portion of the project, and then they put the pieces together to create one cohesive animation.

Some multimedia artists and animators create their work primarily using computer software or by writing their own computer code. Many animation companies have their own computer animation software that artists must learn to use. Other artists and animators prefer to work by drawing and painting by hand and then translating that work into computer programs. Some multimedia artists use storyboards, which look like a comic strip, to help visualize the final product during the design process.

What is the workplace of a Multimedia Animator like?

Multimedia artists and animators held 66,500 jobs in 2010. In 2010, 59% of workers were self-employed. They often work from home. Some work in motion picture or video game studios.

In 2010, the industries employing the most multimedia artists were as follows: Motion picture and video industries 11% Software publishers 5% Computer systems design and related services 5% Advertising, public relations, and related services 5%

Multimedia artists and animators often work long hours; it is not unusual for them to work 50-hour weeks, particularly when there are tight deadlines. Artists and animators need to be able to keep up with the long hours and challenging work. When deadlines are approaching, they may work nights and weekends.


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