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    Step One: Imagine Beautiful Things. Step Two: Make a Happy Mess. Step Three: Practice, practice, practice. Step Four: Show the World.

  • Potter

    Potters make different types of pottery using traditional craft skills and mechanized processes. Most potters specialize in a particular job, e.g., throwing or casting. They may work for large-scale manufacturers or be self-employed .

  • A Pottery Paycheck: Expert Insights Into Making A Living As A Potter

    Ceramic artist Diana Fayt shares her trials, tribulations and triumphs working for a living in this field.

  • How Pottery Is Made

    Watch a potter at work!

  • How To Make Pottery

    Here is a step by step look at how we make pottery. These are the steps we use every day in our studio. The process of making pottery at our studio is basically the same as you will find at any other true pottery studio in the world today.

  • Wheels - Selecting One For You

    There are several basic types of potters wheels and many manufacturers. We have found that the more popular national brands all provide adequate performance, durability and generally trouble-free operation.

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