What is a Sales Representative?

Also known as: Sales Agent, Sales Rep, Outside Sales Representative.

A sales representative is someone who showcases and sells a product or products to businesses, organizations and government agencies, rather than selling directly to consumers. Sales representatives are critical to the manufacturers and wholesalers, as they are the ones that promote and market the merchandise for them.

There are quite a variety of jobs available for sales representatives, as the product/s one is selling could range from soft drinks, candy or office equipment to pharmaceutical supplies. Each product requires an excellent understanding of the product, and sales representatives are expected to attend conferences and trade shows in order to keep up with products and customer needs.

Sales representatives are the liaison between their product and potential buyers, therefore excellent communication and written skills are essential. Travel is an expected part of the job, whether it be on a local, national or international level.

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  • Sales Representative: Career Information

    A sales representative may sell products on behalf of a manufacturer or wholesaler, working directly for that company. Alternatively, a sales representative may work for an independent sales agency whose clients are manufacturers and wholesalers. He or she demonstrates those products to customers, showing how the products will increase the customers' sales and decrease their costs.

  • What Does A Sales Representative Do?

    Any company that creates a product or products may employ a sales representative, a person who represents the company and showcases and sells products. The range of jobs available to the sales representative can vary significantly.

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