A geospatial scientist is someone who uses various computer software programs and tools such as geographic information systems, global positioning systems (GPS), and other remote aerial technology sensors to gather geographic information. This helps them determine the best way to use the geographic physical space in which people exist.

Geospatial scientists also study and analyze how people utilize the physical space around them. They may for example study the spaces that exist between two cities, towns, neighborhoods, or even streets. They then measure and study how the usage of this space changes over time, which helps them determine how things like population, weather and climate conditions, and resources affected these changes.

The work of a geospatial scientist allows them to make decisions as to the best place to put a new school, daycare center, hospital, or bridge. By helping, many companies find the best and most efficient ways to use the world’s natural resources. This career is of growing importance to the Greenpeace initiative. A geospatial scientist literally helps to shape the city, state, country, and world in which people live.

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