What is a Circus Performer?

A Circus Performer is a specialized type of Performer. Also known as: Circus Entertainer.

A circus performer is in the field of performing arts and thrives on the adrenaline rush of dazzling and amazing a live audience. This is perhaps one of the more unusual career aspirations in the world today. Ultimately, a circus performer must have unusual entertainment skills, such as acrobatics or juggling, and will perform using one, or a combination of these skills.

What does a Circus Performer do?

A circus performer must have at least one unusual skill that can be used in an entertainment setting. Generally, the skills of a circus performer will amaze the audience as they are skills most ordinary people would never take the time to learn. Circus performers might work up to a level where they are skilled enough and experienced enough to get a job at a large company as a part of a touring show, or even a permanent show, such as those at hotels in Las Vegas or Disney World resorts.

Circus performers might include:

Most circus performers will have to find work more frequently and may look to perform individually or as part of a group at arts festivals, such as at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the largest event of its type. At festivals, performers may work as part of a show in a small theatre, or as part of a street show, especially when starting off. As circus performers gain experience and make contacts within the industry, they will have more opportunities to audition for larger shows or touring troupes. Most circus performers will work in the following areas:

  • Touring, with traditional circuses
  • Contemporary circuses
  • Arts festivals
  • Theatres
  • Nightclubs
  • Cruise ships or holiday parks
  • Major events or corporate events
  • Street performances or busking

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What is the workplace of a Circus Performer like?

For successful circus performers, work is a fun place, somewhere to practice the skills they love and work on newer, more exciting tricks. For any circus performer, the workplace should be a safe place to practice and train, with good equipment and usually with other performers, coaches, or trainers who can help and support each other in their skill development and provide physical assistance if required (for example in learning acrobatic skills).

Circus performers might have to travel a lot, especially if they find work with a touring circus or company, or they may have to move to different locations for different shows or performances. Potential circus performers should be prepared to travel to find work.



Title Company Location Info

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