What is a News Anchor?

Also known as: News Presenter, Newscaster, TV News Anchor, Television News Anchor, Anchor, News Analyst, Broadcast News Analyst.

News analysts are often referred to as news anchors or newscasters, whether broadcasting via television or radio. A news anchor has an insatiable need to learn and educate others to the issues that continuously change and shape the world, whether locally, nationally or internationally. The news anchor may comment or provide professional insight on complicated issues that are reported in the news. Sources that are analyzed for commentary or reporting are gleaned from many different media sources, including print and Internet agencies.

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What does a News Anchor do?

The news anchor is responsible for interpreting happenings locally, nationally, and internationally for a wide audience. This entails keeping at the forefront of news that has an impact on the viewing audience. Commentary is often provided to help people understand how the news affects their daily lives.

Newscasters conduct interviews with people who impact media happenings from around the world. Interviews help to open a discussion or clarify issues that influence the news or media happenings.

An interview can help broaden the audience's understanding of a particular issue or begin a discourse on an issue important to the audience. One of the skills necessary in interviewing others is the ability to put people at ease. A reputation as being fair-minded and unbiased is also important in interviewing skills.

What is the workplace of a News Anchor like?

Workplace and workload depends on the size of the broadcast station for which the newscaster or anchor works. Smaller stations require that a news anchor report on sports, national, international, and local news. The news anchor may be responsible for writing his or her own news copy, operating the control board, and conducting investigative journalism. Larger stations have separate newscasters for each section of the news, and personnel are made available to assist in researching and writing news stories.

A large portion of the workday is devoted to reading news articles and searching out items of interest to the viewing or listening audience. Interviews must be prepared for and may involve reading the works of the person to be interviewed. In some cases, the news anchor may be responsible for contacting the people to be interviewed.

Sometimes the workplace is a hotel room in a strange part of the country or world. In some cases, the broadcast journalist must be willing to travel at a moment's notice in order to cover urgent news matters. The news analyst must be able to work while on the move, adjusting to differences in culture quickly.



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