What is a Cytotechnologist?

A Cytotechnologist is a specialized type of Scientist. Also known as: Certified Cytotechnologist.

Cytotechnologists are college trained laboratory scientists that prepare and examine human cells for the presence of disease. They rely on their detailed knowledge of normal cell anatomy. They compare normal and abnormal cell anatomy and then evaluate the significance of the differences. They will identify diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, and HIV. They identify disease in various stages and can be instrumental in identifying patients in early stages of cancer.

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What does a Cytotechnologist do?

Cytotechnologists are responsible for the microscopic examination of cells. They work with other laboratory members evaluating human cell samples. Once variances are identified they are responsible for determining the level of significance for these abnormalities. They are an integral part of diagnosing diseases and abnormalities that affect human lives.

The technologist receives human samples and prepares them for examination using standardized, scientific processes. Preparing slides accurately is extremely important in order to obtain accurate results. The slides are then examined using a variety of microscopic equipment. Once abnormal cells are identified the technologist uses their knowledge of cell anatomy and disease to determine the significance of the abnormalities. They are responsible for writing a detailed report of their findings. Once the report is completed it is forwarded to a pathologist. The pathologist is a physician; he or she confirms and signs off on the technologist’s report, and it is sent to the patient’s physician.

What is the workplace of a Cytotechnologist like?

Cytotechnologists work in laboratories. A laboratory may be in a hospital, independent lab, or research facility. The labs can be noisy at times. They contain a variety of dangerous chemicals and sophisticated machinery. Cell samples can carry communicable diseases. The technologists must follow established policies and procedures to ensure they stay safe. Space is usually limited and must stay clean and organized.

People in this profession will spend hours sitting on a lab stool looking into a microscope. They carefully compare each part of the cell with normal cells, looking for even the slightest difference. Throughout their workday, they will move about the lab and use various personal safety devices such as gloves, gowns, lab coats, face shields, and other personal protective equipment.



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    Cytotechnologists can work in Hospitals and Private Laboratories, always under the supervision of a Registered Pathologist.

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    The cytotechnologist makes a judgmental decision as to what is normal and abnormal by analyzing cellular patterns and subtle changes in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells while correlating the patient's clinical history.

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    Christine McCully is a licensed and board certified cytotechnologist in the state of California, and she has been working in the field for 17 years.

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